This SPAC – Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation- is intended to acquire mobile oil refineries on boats to avoid oil leaks in the oceans.

Oceanic Oil Spills Have Caused Countless Disasters

Although many steps have been taken over the years to avoid big oil spills caused by damaged or wrecked supertankers, we continue to witness several minor and major oil spills. And this is what Oil SPAC is focused on reducing and putting an end to.

At Oil SPAC, we are a Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation intended to acquire mobile oil refineries on boats, thereby avoiding oil leaks in the oceans. Our goal is to go green and ensure a safe and healthy sea environment for life above and below the sea.

We understand how dangerous oil spills can be for marine life. Moreover, oil spills can also make fish unsafe for humans to eat. Hence, to minimize these risks and their lethal impacts, Oil SPAC is dedicated to acquiring mobile oil refineries on boats.

We aspire to develop proven and better mobile crude oil refinery solutions that undergo rigorous testing processes to ascertain that they meet all quality control and regulatory standards without failure. Hence, they will not pose a severe risk to the environment and marine life or cause millions of dollars of damage to the company transporting oil. We are strongly committed to introducing solutions and services that are highly compatible with oil. We want to do the best we can as a SPAC to lower the risk and potential of the oil spill in the ocean.

For more information about our venture or to become a partner/invest with us, contact us today. Let’s work together to lower the environmental impact because of the oil spill and improve the ways oil is transported from one location to the other safely.


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