Who We Are

Oil spills are harmful to mammals, marine birds, and marine life. Oil is known to destroy and damage the insulating ability of mammals with furs like sea otters and, likewise, the water repellency of the feather of the seabirds, exposing them to harsh elements. In other words, if these creatures lose their ability to insulate or repel water, they are likely to die from hypothermia.

Likewise, sea turtles can mistake oil for food; whales can inhale it, damaging their respiratory, reproductive, and immune functions. Moreover, oil can make fish unsafe for humans to eat. Hence, we launched Oil SPAC. We are a Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation dedicated to lowering and minimizing lethal and sub-lethal impacts of oil leaks in the oceans.

What We Do

At Oil SPAC, we are focused on acquiring mobile oil refineries on boats and come up with better solutions and services to minimize the damage and risk caused by poor transportation of oil.

Did you know that the total quantity of oil released in the world’s oceans yearly exceeds one million metric tons? The negligent release of oil in the ocean aggravates environmental problems. Hence, at Oil SPAC, we are strongly committed to acquiring mobile oil refineries on boats and finding feasible solutions to control oil spills.


"To minimize oil spills and the damage it causes to the environment, people, and marine life."


"To acquire mobile oil refineries on boats and introduce high-quality solutions that meet all quality control and regulatory standards without failure."


Our core values are our guiding principles. These include:
  • Consistently invest in R&D to find better solutions for mobile oil transportation on boats
  • Serve with honesty and transparency
  • Strive for environmental sustainability